The Booksellers

The booksellers at Golden Hare Books are deeply passionate about books and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with others. Come and have a chat and test our ability to match you with the perfect book – and let us know your recommendations, too!





Bookseller (Poetry Expert)

Annie Rutherford is a writer, editor and translator based in Edinburgh, albeit with frequent stints in Germany. She’s programme co-ordinator for StAnza, Scotland’s international poetry festival, and editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Far Off Places. In her spare time, she’s the sidekick to a literary vigilante and she can spot a misplaced apostrophe at a distance of 50 yards.


Bookshop Manager

Julie Danskin ended up in a bookselling career without ever intending to, and couldn’t be happier about it. After dabbling in publishing and academia, she loves recommending books to anyone who will listen, so is probably now in the right job. She also writes articles, poetry and short stories, enjoys calligraphy and daydreaming about the next time she can visit Berlin.


Bookseller (Kids' Expert)

Ever since she was little and learned she was named after a fictional character (Chris Guthrie from Sunset Song), Chris has been fascinated with how we read and write. She is particularly interested in picture books but loves anything to do with writing for children. In her spare time, she makes and sells linocut prints, specialising in illustrations of old or forgotten fairytales.

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