The Golden Hare Reading Challenge

Read as you mean to go on with the inaugural Golden Hare Reading Challenge!

Did you find you didn’t read as much as you wanted last year? Or read many of the same kind of books?

Challenging what you read can be enriching and rewarding: you might discover you love a whole new genre of book never explored before, or find your new favourite classic. Defy your literary comfort zone with the help of our Reading Challenge – you don’t need to read all of these, and they can be tackled in any order, but reading one book from each of these categories should ensure a well-read 2017!

So, here are the challenges…

A novel set in Edinburgh.

A fairytale novel (original or retelling).

A book you read at school and hated.

A book from a Scottish publishing house.

A children’s book (any age group).

A poetry book by someone who is not dead.

A book chosen purely because of its design.

A short story collection by a novelist you like.

A book you bought in 2016 but didn’t read.

Ask a bookseller for a recommendation. Read it.

A non-fiction book about a childhood fascination.

An essay collection (anthology or individual author).

A book about a place that inspires you.

The favourite book of a good friend.

A book from a genre you don’t usually read.

A standalone graphic novel or graphic memoir.

Want to join the Golden Hare 2017 Reading Challenge? We want to help you widen your reading! Fill out this form and we’ll provide you with a link to join the Google Doc spreadsheet so you can start tracking your own reading against others’.

We’ve concocted a few ways to help you engage with your reading this year. To track your Reading Challenge against others taking part, then fill out the form to the right and we’ll add you to our Google Doc and you can get reading!

We’ve also started a Readers’ Salon for those local to Edinburgh to attend once a month and discuss what they’re reading, which is loosely but not entirely connected to the reading challenge. There’s also a Facebook group you can join to discuss the reading challenge with others!

Check the boxes which apply to you
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