Taxidermy in Stockbridge: An Evening With Sandra Ireland

Last night the Golden Hare team set out for the St Stephen Centre to celebrate the launch of Sandra Ireland’s foreboding debut novel, Beneath The Skin, a psychological thriller set in Stockbridge, Edinburgh – just a few doors down from Golden Hare Books! There was a great turnout and it was lovely to see so many people happy for Sandra in her publishing success.

Chaired by Eddie Small of the University of Dundee, Sandra discussed her Creative Writing training at the University under the guidance of prominent writer Professor Kirsty Gunn, and how her son’s delapidated flat in Stockbridge served as the inspiration for her novel. Set in a taxidermy shop, a traumatised veteran meets the odd sisters who runs the shop, and soon becomes embroiled in their strange ways. At turns creepy and dark, we couldn’t be happier for Sandra and wish her every success with her first novel.

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