Undiscovered Islands: An Evening With Malachy Tallack

Last night the Golden Hare team hosted an event with Scottish author Malachy Tallack, who joined us at the St Stephen Centre in Stockbridge to discuss his new book The Un-discovered Islands, beautifully illustrated by Katie Scott of Botanicum and Animalium.

The Un-discovered Islands explores lands previously believed or purported to be real, but that no longer exist on the map. The book is sumptuously illustrated and unravels the islands of myth and legend, those made up by mistakes and by fraudsters alike during the Age of Exploration, and those we simply don’t know why people thought they existed!

Malachy took us through his various islands and the theories surrounding them, using a visual presentation to show the audience where islands were thought to be and why. It’s quite a departure from his previous book, travel memoir Sixty Degrees North, an emotional and personal exploration in search of home and meditation on life. But in Un-discovered Islands, though the content is very different, there is still the same wonder at the world and the carefulness of writing that we’ve come to expect from Malachy.

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