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‘The Other Mrs Walker’ Launch Party


What a night! As expected, last night’s launch party for Mary Paulson-Ellis’s The Other Mrs. Walker was an absolutely terrific evening. It’s not often we get to launch a book in venue as beautiful and as fascinating as the Wohl Pathology Museum, it’s not often an author brings objects and artefacts from the story along to display, and it’s not often we have singers performing live to help recreate the atmosphere of the book’s period setting, so to have all three of these things – and so much more – at the same launch, well, that’s pretty special.
We’d like to say a huge thank you to David McLeod and all at Surgeons’ Museum; Peggy Hughes; Gillian Mackay and all at Pan Macmillan and Mantle; Judith Doherty and Deborah Crewe from Grid Iron Theatre Company; Marie Louise Cochrane; Sally Dempsey and Annabel Logan; and most of all to Mary herself, for having the vision and the determination to make such an incredible event happen.

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