About Us

The Story

The Golden Hare was started by Mark Jones, a museum curator and art historian, with the initial plan of calling a children’s bookshop ‘The Golden Crocodile’. He commissioned his daughter Agnes, an artist-blacksmith, to create a mascot for the shop, and she returned with a gilded hare! Thankfully, he really liked it.

The Golden Hare first opened its doors in the summer of 2012 in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh’s Old Town. After over two wonderful years in this location, the shop moved to the community-oriented area of Stockbridge in the New Town area, where it’s happily been for nearly three years.


For the love of a good book


Golden Hare Books is proud to be an independent bookshop with a love and appreciation for book design at its heart. This is why every detail of the shop, from our bespoke layout by design team Mill & Jones, right down to every book on our shelves, is given care and attention to detail. We want the aesthetics of books to grab the curiosity of customers by using maximum display space. With this in mind, we have styled the shop to show as many outward facing books as possible, and these are always changed regularly, so you should never see the same books in any spot twice!


We really like books.


As well as offering great books of all kinds, at Golden Hare we pride ourselves on good old-fashioned bookselling steeped in knowledge and passion, and each of our staff members are avid readers who are deeply involved in the literary world.  Come and test our knowledge to find your next great read or to help assist in finding a perfect gift. 


Part of the community.


Bookshops are creative spaces that should be welcoming to and inclusive of everybody. Everyone is incredibly welcome at the Golden Hare and we are constantly trying to think of new ways to reach and include the community. We want to be a cultural hub for people of all backgrounds and ages, and we’re always so happy to hear about new ideas. Engaging with the local community is such a rewarding and integral part of running an independent business, especially when we get to encourage people to be around books!


We regularly host events with authors of all genres from fiction and poetry to cookery and travel, as well as hosting bookshop parties, reading groups and even a writing group too.


As booksellers, nothing is more rewarding than seeing children getting excited about books. Stockbridge is very kid-friendly and so are we! We run a weekly Stories & Crafts session for little ones.


Edinburgh is full of talented, bookish creatives, and we’ve built relationships with some amazing artists, such as Rachel Hazell, bookbinder and Claire Askew, now our very own Writer-in-Residence.


At the centre of everything we do here at the Golden Hare are two things the world can’t do without: books and people. The shop is designed to let your eye draw towards books as beautiful objects, and in doing so discover something new and exciting. We think it is so important to keep the physical book alive in a time of digital change.


The best thing about being a bookseller is that every day in the bookshop is so different, and there are endless opportunities to meet people who come into our doors for all sorts of reasons and from all sorts of places. Our booksellers read voraciously and love recommending, chatting about and being around books.