About Golden Hare Books

The Golden Hare first opened its doors in the summer of 2012 in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh’s Old Town. After over two wonderful years in this location, the shop moved to the community-oriented area of Stockbridge in the New Town area, where it’s happily been for two years.

Golden Hare Books is proud to be an independent bookshop with a love and appreciation for book design at its heart. This is why every detail of the shop, from our bespoke layout by architecture and design team Jones & Mill, right down to every book on our shelves, is given care and attention to detail. We want the aesthetics of books to grab the curiosity of customers by using maximum display space. With this in mind, we have styled the shop to show as many outward facing books as possible, and these are always changed regularly, so you should never see the same books in any spot twice!

As well as offering great books of all kinds, Golden Hare prides itself on one-on-one bookselling, and each of our staff members are avid readers who are deeply involved in the literary world. Come and test our knowledge to find your next great read or to help assist in finding a perfect gift.


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