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Bibliophile Book Chat: How To Grease Books

In this episode of Bibliophile, booksellers Julie Danskin, David Bloomfield and Jonathan Taylor catch up with what they’ve each been reading. They pause for a moment to reflect on a recent victory, winning Independent Bookshop of the Year 2019 at the British Book Awards, and talk sagely about their experiences running a small bookshop and all it entails. Even answering a few questions! From you!

Apologies for background noise in this episode, our dulcet tones were accompanied by football fans outside the pub beneath our bookshop…

i: What We’re Reading and Who Recommends It…

  • Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel (David)
  • Fludd by Hilary Mantel (Julie)
  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (David and David’s partner Heather)
  • The Wind That Lays Waste by Selva Almada (JT)
  • Feebleminded and Die, My Love by Ariana Harwicz (David)
  • Guest Book: Ghost Stories by Leanne Shapton (Julie)
  • Worn Stories by Leanne Shapton (Julie)
  • *mistake!* Julie recommended Worn Stories but actually meant Women in Clothes, which is written by Sheila Heti, Leanne Shapton and Heidi Julavits
  • Safe as Houses by Stuart Hodkinson (David)
  • My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies by Ed Brubaker & Sean Philips (JT)
  • What You Pay For by Claire Askew (Julie)
  • All The Hidden Truths by Claire Askew (Julie & JT)

ii: Running Golden Hare Books…

We’re very pleased that we’ve won Independent Bookshop of the Year in the UK and Ireland! David wrote a blog post about it here. We answered a few of your questions…

  • What is your favourite customer or fave customer story?
  • What happens if you order books that don’t sell? Can you return to publishers?
  • What advice would you give someone who dreams of opening their own bookshop?

iii: General Recommendations

  • JT: Chernobyl on HBO (TV)
  • David: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo (book)
  • Julie: The Dropout from ABC (podcast)

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2 thoughts on “Bibliophile Book Chat: How To Grease Books

  1. I absolutely adored Fludd & Beyond Black by H Mantell , which I read years ago but both left an indelible impression .
    I’ve been reading The Insomnia Museum which I bought when the author did a reading at the Golden Hare . It is brilliantly written , addictive but so unsettling and disturbing that I don’t know if I can finish it.
    Happy reading

    1. Laurie Canciani is absolutely fantastic; we’re glad that you liked The Insomnia Museum and the event here as well.
      Mantell is one of those writers that leaves a mark on all of her readers. She’s someone who seems to be master of all she turns her hand to!
      The Golden Hare Team

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