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Svein Clouston and Rowan Morrison, hosts of the Have You Ever? podcast, and Golden Hare’s special guests!

Our very first Book Fringe 2019 event at Golden Hare Books may well have broken records.  The seats were filled by 6pm, the room was full by 6:15pm, and by the time the talk started at 6:30pm, personal space had become a thing of the past!

It’s a testament to Nan Shepherd’s incredible legacy, the stunning new edition of The Living Mountain published by Canongate, and the popularity of the folks at Have You Ever? who recorded the event as part of their podcast, that everyone braved the queues and rising heat to hear about Shepherd’s gorgeous volume of seminal nature writing.

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Welcome to Book Fringe!

August is upon us once again and with it the return of Book Fringe! We’re extremely excited about this year’s Fringe, and we’re sure that our lineup will have you racing to both Lighthouse Book and Golden Hare Books for these completely free events! And with no tickets, there’s no need to book!

But who can we expect at the Book Fringe, you say? Well, you can sign up to our newsletter to get updates through the month! Additionally, you can check out our fab new website here! In the meantime, we’ll give you some of our highlights for the opening portion of the Fringe…

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Our personal picks to win Not the Booker!

Golden Hare staff offer their favourite novels of the year for consideration for the Not the Booker Prize…

Serious debate going on at Golden Hare HQ over our Not the Booker picks.

We were recently approached by The Guardian to offer one pick for the Not the Booker Prize. Our pick will be put forward as one of six choices on the final shortlist but we thought we’d let you in on our individual picks before we whittle them down to Golden Hare’s final nomination.

As usual, we all had completely different opinions before we manage to settle on one glorious nominee. Below are our picks, straight from the pens/keyboards of the Golden Hare team!

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Review: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Being aware of your “privilege” has become a go-to phrase in modern anti-racist discourse, especially in reference to ignorant white people blundering into discussions they might not be as qualified for as they imagine. But how many of us understand what “white fragility” is? Our bookseller David finds out!

Setting out to show white people what their white fragility actually entails, author Robin DiAngelo skillfully shows that other ethnic groups understand exactly how white fragility works (and the results aren’t pretty). DiAngelo uses examples from her long experience as a consultant on racial issues to show that the way white people usually think of racism is completely wrong and actually bolsters the racism in our societies.

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Golden Hare’s Observer Summer Reads

Summery recommendations and glamorous photoshoots: standard stuff for the GH crew.

Golden Hare manager Julie and bookseller David were recently asked for their summer read recommendations by The Observer newspaper. While being superstar-level famous types is part of a normal day at Golden Hare, we thought we’d share this one for those looking for some compelling holiday reads!

You can find the Observer article here or, if you want to get a little more detail for each recommendation, continue reading below…

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Comfy, Cosy, & Creative: 6 Great Places to Read in Edinburgh

Our bookseller Sarah (@strikesofluck) gives us her guide to the best cosy, creative spots Edinburgh spots to snuggle up with a book...

The cafe scene in Edinburgh is one that begs the question: where are the best cafes for voracious readers to consume their favourites and their discoveries?

We obviously prefer ones within a ten to fifteen minute walk from Golden Hare because when you inevitably finish your current read, you have to come back for another!

With that, we present our picks for the “Comfy, Cosy, and Creative: 6 Great Places to Observe, and, Of Course, Read,” Golden Hare style:

“The reinvention of the wine bar gallops apace across the city, but S&G are still the daddy. Brilliant curation, brilliant concept, it’s a voyage of wine based discovery.”
— Eating and Drinking Guide 2018, The List
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Book Review: Wilding by Isabella Tree

Our bookseller David reviews this interesting non-fiction book about the transformative effects of nature when its largely left to its own devices…

Combining personal insight and experience with a mixture of devastating and uplifting facts, Isabella Tree’s Wilding is an unusual but powerful beast. From a fabulous section on the names for different types of mud (gubber, a thick black mud of rotting matter, is my personal favourite) to beautiful descriptions of the largely lost calls of mating turtle doves, this book has something for everyone who admires nature.

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Bibliophile Book Chat: How To Grease Books

In this episode of Bibliophile, booksellers Julie Danskin, David Bloomfield and Jonathan Taylor catch up with what they’ve each been reading. They pause for a moment to reflect on a recent victory, winning Independent Bookshop of the Year 2019 at the British Book Awards, and talk sagely about their experiences running a small bookshop and all it entails. Even answering a few questions! From you!

Apologies for background noise in this episode, our dulcet tones were accompanied by football fans outside the pub beneath our bookshop…

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Handpicked Books From Golden Hare to Your Doorstep!

Getting into the occasional reading rut is something that even the most ardent bibliophile can relate to. We’ve all been in one and they can be easy to slip into. Getting out of them? Not always so easy.

In fact, one of the most common reasons for people coming into our Stockbridge store is to ask us how to get out of this slump and what books we’d recommend to ignite their reading passion again.

That’s why Golden Hare have created Post Books, our new service designed to excite and intrigue those who subscribe to it!

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Bibliophile Book Club: Everything Under by Daisy Johnson

Sexy segueways, Freudian complexes and bad times on the canal, we could only be discussing the 2018 Man Booker shortlisted debut novel Everything Under by Daisy Johnson. What is the bonak? Can we ever avoid our fate? What will our booksellers David Bloomfield, Julie Danskin and Jonathan Taylor make of it?

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