Never Tell Anyone You're Jewish by Maria Chamberlain - Ticket & Book Option

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Buy your copy of Never Tell Anyone You're Jewish by Maria Chamberlain and receive a free ticket to our event!

Thursday 15th September at 18:30 ***please note change of venue: this event will now take place at St Vincent's Chapel on St Stephen Street, just a couple of minutes from Golden Hare Books ***

Join us at St Vincent's Chapel for an evening with Maria Chamberlain in conversation with Tobias Kelly (author of Battles of Conscience) about her book Never Tell Anyone You're Jewish.

We will follow up on your purchase with an email with more details on the event, which will be held at St Vincent's Chapel on St Stephen Street.

If you wish to see the ticket-only option for the event, please follow this link.

About Never Tell Anyone You're Jewish:

This is a story of two assimilated Jewish families in Nazi-occupied Poland in the eye of the Holocaust. The two families were joined by marriage after the war and Maria was born soon after. Not surprisingly her mother initially urged her to hide her Jewishness. Later, in old age, she relented, recognising that testimonies make history.

The author describes her early life in Stalinist Poland and her family's emigration to Edinburgh, where they were able to lead fulfilled lives as scientists. Her parents both suffered from life-long flashbacks, while outwardly reacting very differently to the traumas they had suffered. Maria has now chosen to reveal her family's testimonies to honour those that perished.