Tinder Translator

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A dictionary of douchebaggery for the modern dater - and a hilariously sharp read for all feminists - from Aileen Barratt of @TinderTranslators. It will make you laugh, sigh, think, and leave you feeling empowered and resilient. Ten years after the introduction of Tinder, dating apps have changed the terrain of human interaction, but many feel like they've been sent into the wilderness without a guide. For those dating cis-het men especially, the blatant misogyny encountered during every swipe session is depressing and enraging in equal measure. And then there is the not-so-blatant stuff. Scrolling through profile after profile, you'll see the same stock phrases: Good vibes only. Must have banter. Just ask. But what do they actually mean? This title takes you through an A to Z of terminology that permeates not just the dating world but the wider world.