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Golden Hare wins Independent Bookshop of the Year!

Golden Hare Manager Julie Danskin enjoying the limelight at the British Book Awards.

Golden Hare Books are proud to announce that we have won Independent Bookshop of the Year at the British Book Awards 2019!

The Golden Hare team, represented at the Nibbies by manager Julie Danskin, owner Mark Jones and Individual Bookseller of the Year Nominee Jonathan Taylor, was ecstatic to scoop the award on Monday night, in the face of strong competition from the other excellent nominees.

Following a year of major changes and plentiful challenges, it’s a huge pleasure to see that our hard work has been noticed by both the public and the book industry.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved with Golden Hare, from our reps and suppliers, publicists and agents, booksellers and customers; Golden Hare wouldn’t be where it is without you.

To our community in Stockbridge, the schools we work with, the external venues we hire for events, the customers we see every week for years and the customers we only meet once: thank you all!

And a huge congratulations to our fellow indies in Edinburgh, Lighthouse Books and The Edinburgh Bookshop, who also scooped awards this year! Your ongoing excellence is a constant inspiration.

We also need to thank two people without whom the shop could not exist, the wonderful artists and architects at @millandjones for conceiving that our lovely shop could exist and taking such care in its creation, from bookshelves to logos and everything in between. You really are the Golden Hare!

The Golden Hare team showing off their thousand watt smiles and their Nibbie!

Thanks must go to the local presses and Edinburgh community that have supported us for so long. Independent bookshops might be small businesses but we all function and thrive as a community, together.

We’d be remiss not to say how brilliant the other nominees for the award are. There were many worthy nominees for this year’s award, so it’s been an honour to be ranked alongside such high quality, inspirational businesses from across the UK!

All that was left at the end of a wonderful night was to dance, dance, dance the ecstatic stomp of the gleeful:

2 thoughts on “Golden Hare wins Independent Bookshop of the Year!

  1. Absolutely fantastic news !
    Praise to all the team who make it a book lover’s Paradise .Three cheers for the Golden Hare!

    1. Thank you, Joan! We’re absolutely bowled over and collectively beaming from ear to ear!

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