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IBW Competition Winners

Throughout Independent Booksellers Week we ran a “I Bought a Book from an Indie!” Review Competition, inviting you to share your Golden Hare Love and we’ve been deeply touched by your wee messages!
We have 8 winners for 8 books – Silje Gaffer, Julie Stirling, Patricia Allmer, Damien Joyce, Choncey Boddington, Hannah Wright, Rebbeca Brown and John Sumpter. Your books are ready for pick up whenever you’re free to pop by (got your eye on a particular book? Come quick, first come first served!)
Here are our winning entries:
John, a regular, sent in a book review that was also the loveliest bookshop review. Our hats off to him for the gusto with which he embraced the spirit of our wee competition.
My Struggle Vol. 1: A Death in the Family
by Karl Ove Knausgaard, reviewed by John Sumpter:
‘I first heard about Karl Ove Knausgaard in the Guardian’s Saturday review. That’s where I get all my information about what’s worth reading. I wrote the author’s name down in my notebook. A couple of weeks later I passed Golden Hare Books. I’d never noticed it before. It’s always
unnerving walking into a shop where there aren’t many other customers, but the nice lady at the desk was very welcoming. For the sake of saying something I said, ‘Have you got that book by that Norwegian who writes
about himself all the time?’ (It is, of course, useless making notes unless you carry them around with you.)
‘Do you mean this one?’ said the nice lady. I recognised the photo on the cover. ‘Ah yes,’ I said, very much taken aback by her miraculous interpretation of my half baked description. But friends, that’s the kind of personal service which you get from independent book shops.
I’d better get on with the review. Actually, I’m probably a bit late telling you about Karl Ove Knausgaard. His slot at the Edinburgh Book Festival sold out on the first day. The book I had purchased was ‘A Death in the Family’. It’s the first instalment of a six volume novel with the mischievous title ‘My Struggle.’ The novel is about … well basically it’s about Karl Ove Knausgaard. He doesn’t go to any trouble to disguise this. The main character has the name Karl Ove Knausgaard, and, as far as I can gather, all his family and friends have their real names too, but my research is imperfect on this point. So what
makes it a novel? Well, it is incredibly detailed for a memoir: what he had for breakfast; what A said to B and what B said back. You’d certainly need to make some of that stuff up when describing what happened to you thirty years ago. And it’s this degree of detail which makes it so fascinating.
Are you the type of person who wants a book to transport you to a fantasy world far from the hum drum monotony of your day to day existence? If so, this book isn’t for you. But if, like my self, you don’t like stories which seem too contrived or ‘made up’, then you’ll love the hyper-reality of ‘My
Struggle’. You’ve only got to read a couple of sentences to get sucked in. It’s like listening to a really intelligent friend who’s a bit messed up in an interesting, but non-threatening way. His prose style seems effortless. Everything he says carries an air of profundity. Even when he’s collecting his children from nursery he manages to extract some deep inner meaning from the event. Don’t take my word for it. Pop into Golden Hare Books and read a couple of pages for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.’
Silje Gaffer(@SiljeGrr), and Julie Stirling (@WeeRedWriter) shared their
brilliant book buys as “My #GoldenHareLove: ‘Where you are’ by
@VisualEditions which is full of maps that make you completely lost. Brilliant. Thanks @GoldenHare1!” & “Fave buy from @GoldenHare1 ‘Ike’s Incredible Ink’ @briannefarley
– a book that teaches us that life is our inspiration & to never give up”
Patricia Allmer (@Patricia_Allmer) called us amazing (and brought in the lovely wee zoe!)” @goldenhare1 amazing bookshop in Edinburgh!”
Damien Joyce (@damienjoyce) gave us a shoutout to @GoogleLocalEdin @FuturePositive_ calling us “a charming independent bookstore”
Hannah Wright (@HanJMWright) shared her indie love: “I love an independent bookshop and @GoldenHare1 is highly recommended. AND, just discovered they do a book group-”
Rebbeca Brown (@Becky_Bee) really chanelled the #IBW2014 spirit:
“Get yourself down to @GoldenHare1 and @WordPowerBooks too! The loveliest of indie bookshops! #IBW2014 “
Choncey Boddington (@SpiffingChoncey) who may not have intended to enter, but whose long distance love always puts a smile on our faces :
“@GoldenHare1 I told myself the first place I shop if I get my English lit MA place at Edinburgh uni would be your shop…I shall honour this”
Got more love? Keep it coming! We have one last book all wrapped for some lovely words posted in the next week…