Little White Lies 69: The Free Fire Issue



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Little White Lies 69: The Free Fire Issue

In this issue…

Gentle Ben

Adam Woodward heads down to the English seaside town of Brighton to take a stroll with Free Fire director Ben Wheatley.

The World’s Toughest Ben Wheatley Quiz

Adam Nayman, author of Ben Wheatley: Chaos and Confusion, devises some bastard-hard BW multiple choices.

Grand Larsony

Ella Donald tells story of how Brie Larson was finally able to wave goodbye to second-tier archetype roles to become one of the world’s hottest actors.

Polygraph Test #1 – Sharlto Copley

The South African leading man answers a series of questions on Armie Hammer.

Polygraph Test #2 – Armie Hammer

The honey-toned actor answers a series of questions on Jack Reynor

Polygraph Test #3 – Jack Reynor

The Irish upstart answers a series of questions on Sharlto Copley

Call to Action

Who remembers ‘Action’, the most gratuitously violent kids comic strip ever made? We do… Words by Paul Fairclough.

Gun-Fu Hustle

Nick Pinkerton lavishes praise on Hong Kong maestro John Woo, architect of the time-honoured bullet ballet.

Threads #1

A new fashion column by Christina Newland looking at movies through the prism of clothing. This issue’s focus: the wide-collared shirt.

In conversation

Julia Ducournau; Park Chan-wook; Cynthia Nixon; Gemma Arterton; Kleber Mendonça Filho.

In review

Mulholland Drive reframed as a musical; The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki; Catfight; Raw; Neruda; Spaceship; The Handmaiden; The Eyes of My Mother; The Transfiguration; The Lost City of Z; City of Tiny Lights; Graduation; Harmonium; Their Finest; The Sense of an Ending; Lady Macbeth; Mindhorn; Heal the Living; The Love Witch; Clash; A Quiet Passion; The Salesman; I Am Not Your Negro; My Life as a Courgette; Jawbone; Aquarius.

And finally…

Home Ents reviews of Belladonna of Sadness, Fright Night, Mildred Pierce, Cul-de-sac, Two Films by Lino Brocka, Ludwig, The Story of Sin, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and Two Rode Together. Plus Ex Rent Hell presents… Money Train, by Adam Lee Davies.

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No. 69 – Mar/Apr 17


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