12 Birds to Save Your Life

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At a time of great anxiety and uncertainty, while coping with the untimely death of his mother, Charlie Corbett realised his perspective on life was slipping. In a moment of despair, he found himself - somewhat damp - lying on the side of a lonely hill staring up at a leaden sky, a melancholy drizzle seeping into his bones. Suddenly he hears the song of a single skylark - that soaring, tinkling, joyous sound - and he is transported away from the drizzle and dark thoughts. Grounded by the beauty of nature, perspective dawns. No longer the leading role in his own private melodrama, but merely a minor part in nature's great epic. Such is the power of these creatures to raise you from life's periodic depths. Through twelve characterful birds, Charlie show us that there is joy to be found in the very smallest of events - if we know where to look, and how to listen.