Book Group - The Living and the Rest - Thursday 19th October 2023

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Buy a copy of The Living and the Rest and book your place at our October book group!

6.30pm on Thursday 19th October, in the bookshop.

About The Living and the Rest

A dark literary comedy about an island literary festival that goes horribly - apocalyptically - wrong.

Daniel lives with artist Moira on her native Island of Mozambique. They are awaiting the birth of their child, while also organising the island's first literary festival. But as soon as the first festival guests arrive, the coast is hit by a cyclone. The island is spared, but the bridge to the mainland is left impassable, and telephone and internet connections are severed.

The islanders - and the writers who have come for the festival - are cut off from the outside world. Left to their own devices, the authors forge new bonds and make the best of a situation that gets stranger each day. Some believe they're in an intermediate realm, a kind of limbo, and some have no choice but to write, as the boundaries between reality and fiction, past and future, and life and death begin to blur.