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Review – Fireflies by Luis Sagasti

Our bookseller Julia expounds on what this genre-defying novel means to her and her anticipation of hearing Luis Sagasti discuss his work at Golden Hare…

Published in 2018 by independent Edinburgh-based publisher Charco Press, Fireflies is an astounding account of modern history that manages to weave together multiple strands of life stories and lessons to create an engrossing tapestry of the human experience.

Fireflies joins together the lived experiences of Stanley Kubrick and The Beatles, connects Wittgenstein and Antoine de Saint-Exupery to the greater picture that is our modern world, and manages to do it all within the confines of a short, beautiful novel.

The fireflies, as Sagasti refers to them, quite literally illuminate that seemingly unrelated events and lives can culminate in a cultural undercurrent that touches upon many of our interactions and influences the way we perceive the world around us. Gripping while defying genre pigeonholes, Fireflies is a must-read; a common thread for Charco publications.

Join us for an evening of discussion as we welcome the author Luis Sagasti, the translator Fionn Petch, and Charco’s director Carolina Orloff in conversation with Golden Hare manager Julie Danskin. Sagasti and Petch will elaborate upon their collaboration and the work that went into crafting the English version of Fireflies as well as give insights into a forthcoming novel that is set to be published in 2020.

Perhaps you have already read Fireflies, perhaps you are yet to be enchanted by it, but do come along to what is sure to be a fascinating evening.