Harold’s Hungry Eyes by Kevin Waldron


A stylish depiction of the life of a food-obsessed urban dog, with hints of edible humour.

Like most dogs, Harold is food-obsessed; unlike most dogs, he imagines food in the most unlikely places – on buildings, cars, mailboxes, even fire hydrants!

When Harold gets lost in the big city, he is overtaken by hunger and begins to see things: hot dogs on an antenna, a turkey roast in the mailbox, and toast popping out the top of a build-ing! Thankfully, Harold’s hungry eyes lead him to familiar landmarks and he finds his way home…to breakfast!

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Kevin Waldron was born & raised in Dublin. After graduating with a degree in graphic design from D.I.T., he moved to London to study for an MA in Illustration at Kingston University. Having decided here that children’s book illustration was for him, Kevin found a studio in central London & got to work.

His first book, Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo (Templar Publishing), won the Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima Award in 2009. He illustrated Tiny Little Fly (Walker Books), a witty book of rhyme by Michael Rosen which which won the Bull-Bransom Award in 2011. That same year he was also named one of the booktrust best new illustrators. The next installment in the Mr Peek series is out in 2013. Kevin now lives in New York.

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