Building Books by Brianne Farley


Katie’s love of blocks, and her boredom with books, mean that she’ll never be on the same page as her brother, Owen, who loves losing himself in a story. But when a fateful meeting with the school librarian forces both of them to see the possibilities in the other’s hobby, they discover there is more than one way to build the world around you.

“With repetitive, patterned, well-paced text, Lloyd weaves an enjoyable story while showcasing the benefits of trying something different and gently testing the boundaries of gender convention. Farley’s detailed and realistic illustrations are intriguing and playful, effectively using white space and vignettes to delineate the kids’ characters and activities.”  — Kirkus Review

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Weight 348 g
Dimensions 213 × 286 × 11 cm





32 pages


Random House USA Inc


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