I’m Staying Here by Marco Balzano


Curon, 1920. In a small village in South Tyrol, Trina longs for a different life. She dedicates herself to becoming a teacher, but the year that she qualifies Mussolini’s regime abolishes the use of German as a teaching language.

In this new climate of fear and uncertainty Trina works for a clandestine network of schools in the valley, always with the risk of capture. Curon, 1939. Now married and a mother Trina’s life is again thrown into uncertainty when Germany announces the ‘Great choice’ and communities in South Tyrol are given the opportunity to move to Germany.

The town splits and ever-increasing rifts form among its people. Those, like Trina and her family, who choose not to leave are seen as traitors and spies; they can no longer leave the house without suffering abuse. Then one day Trina comes home and finds that her daughter is missing…

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