Bohemian Living: Creative Homes Around the World by Robyn Lea


          • ‘One theme that has become quite clear is that all of the characters embrace, cultivate, or are naturally inclined to take a wonderful childlike view of the world. That is evident in their homes, as well as their work’ — Robyn Lea
          • Modern Day Bohemians sidesteps the world of carefully constructed interior design images and instead, dives into the liberated and nonconformist atmosphere of offbeat beauty and artistic delights. It asks the question: what does it mean to be bohemian in the modern world? Robyn Lea is an incredible storyteller – both visually and in the written form.
          • She understands the creative spirit. In each profile she traces the journey from unusual childhoods to creative, often unorthodox, adult worlds and along the way reveals the interesting twists of fate that have allowed each person to realise their full bohemian potential in the spaces they live and work in.

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288 pages


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