The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle by Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan


With this stunningly photographed greenery-guide, anyone can master the art of making your living room thrive. When done correctly, curating any decent houseplant can be just as effective as hanging a beautiful work of art. After all, our green companions are known to be beneficial for mental health, for general health (being oxygenators) as well as being a key element of any well-balanced interior fit out.

Lauren and Sophia run the wildly successful nursery and interior design store Leaf Supply, in Sydney, Australia. They wrote a beautifully designed book, by the same name, in 2018. Now, with Indoor Jungle, they explain (in laypersons’ terms) how to best transform your house into a veritable greenhouse.

In this sequel-of-sorts, Lauren and Sophia cast their plant-loving net far wider than simply fabulous Australian interiors, featuring jungle-y architecture from around the world! For each spread of beautifully verdant interiors, the duo breaks down how the foliage within is surviving (and thriving). Ablaze with jaw dropping photography, Indoor Jungle will deserve its own prominent place in your new, improved and jungle-ified living room.

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