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We know well enough that the right sort of foods can help us to be healthy. But, with equal importance, the right foods are also capable of altering our moods: they can be crucial sources of inspiration, playfulness, generosity and optimism.

This is a unique kind of recipe book about what we should eat in order to feel like our best selves – an inspired marriage of psychology and cooking, and a guide to just the sort of foods to put on our plates in order to grow a little calmer and more relaxed in ourselves, kinder to others and readier to face everyday challenges.

Written by a team of philosophers, chefs and psychologists from the School of Life, the book teaches us how to administer sugar and salt, carbohydrates and proteins, spices and marinades in order to regulate and soothe our spirits – and give our minds a much-needed uplift.

The book suggests the very best recipes drawn from around the world that we might prepare at any time of day, from stews to soups, curries to cakes. The approach turns cooking into an ideally therapeutic activity – by which we can recover faith in ourselves and hope in our lives.

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