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January’s Theme: Renaissance

The Renaissance is a historical period beginning around 1400; to be a ‘Renaissance’ person was to be interested in and attempt all things considered to be artistic and intellectual. It is also the French word meaning ‘rebirth’, and doesn’t that explain a little of how we feel when a new year comes around? The books we’ve chosen for January’s Read More deal with notions of change, of time passing and what it means to define ourselves in the world. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone all New-Year-New-You: these books will help you reset for a new year through great storytelling and inspiring lives.

Order now so your loved ones will receive their first box just after Christmas – let us know at checkout and we can send you a special voucher to give on Christmas Day.

January Shipping Date: Monday 7th January
(cut-off Friday 28th December; payment taken 2nd January)

A unique and creative subscription box from Golden Hare Books, an independent bookshop run by knowledgeable, passionate booksellers who specialise in finding the perfect book. Read More is a new way to connect with reading and our bookshop, trusting in our expertise to find the best new fiction and nonfiction. You can purchase this as a gift or for yourself and invest in reading more. Each box comes beautifully packaged with care and attention to detail, so every month you’ll have a special treat to look forward to. Why not try it out for a month and see? Scroll down to see full description…

Please note the options below refer to one-off payments for subscription boxes, not monthly rolling payments. This is ideal for buying gifts. If you are looking to pay monthly, please click here.

If you are buying a subscription as a gift, please provide details at checkout and we can send a voucher with the recipient’s details in a nice envelope including details of what the subscription entails, as well as voucher start date and how long the subscription is for.

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What’s included

  • A beautifully packaged paperback book on your doorstep every month for a period of your choice! Depending on your subscription options, you can choose an all-fiction subscription, an all-nonfiction subscription, or an alternating fiction and nonfiction subscription. If you have a one-book subscription, this will be a recent paperback release; if you have gone for the two-book option, you’ll get the same recent papeerback as well as a backlist favourite. (If you are a one-book subscriber but would prefer backlist, please contact us.)
  • A note from our booksellers telling a little bit about the books and why we chose them. We like to go for something a little unusual but that we think will have wide appeal. If you already have one of the books, please contact us. We’ll also include some additional reading recommendations based on the monthly theme.
  • An extra little gift either from us or a bookish supplier!

How it works

  • Each month we choose a theme for our Read More boxes and select books associated with this theme that we think you’ll love.
  • Choose your preferred subscription type (fiction, nonfiction or mixed) and preferred number of boxes you’ll receive and pay for in one lump sum at checkout (including postage except first box) or check out or monthly payment options.
  • Shipping is calculated dependent on your location: we ship internationally. If you are local you can also choose to pick up your box each month. Checkout using Stripe (recommended) or Paypal. You will need to create an account on our website in order to manage your subscription.
  • You will be charged at checkout for the full amount including postage for the duration of your subscription using the payment method of your choice. A receipt will be sent to you via email  confirming payment. Then sit back and wait for your parcel to arrive!

Past Boxes

  • December 2018: Onding (snow)
    Onding is an old Scottish word meaning heavy snow: it was used in the work of Sir Walter Scott. Snow is a symbol of purity and simplicity – we all wish for a flurry at the window in the depths of winter. But snow can also be corruptive or dangerous, and we find this juxtaposition of gentleness and power fascinating. We’re not the only ones either, as many works of literature new and old have explored the nature of snow. Our booksellers have chosen the most poignant and exceptional examples for you to read throughout the long dark evenings of December.
  • November 2018: Season of Mists
    As long nights take hold and leaves turn brown, autumn is the season of the reader. A bite in the air is the perfect excuse to curl up with a cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of whisky, and ignore the elements. There’s only one thing missing: the perfect book. Let us help you there. For our very first Read More box, whether you’ve chosen fiction or nonfiction, our booksellers have selected fantastic books perfect for the long autumn nights ahead.

Additional information

Subscription Type

Fiction, Nonfiction, Mixed (alternating)

Subsciption Options

One Month (1-off payment, 1 box), 3 Months (1-off payment; 1 box per month for 3 months), 6 Months (1 off payment; 1 box per month for 6 months), One Year (1-off payment, 1 box per month for 12 months), Two Years (1-off payment, 1 box per month for 24 months), Three Years (1-off payment, 1 box per month for 36 months)

Terms & Conditions

If you already have one of the books received in the parcel, we cannot offer a refund but we can exchange it for another book of the same value either in-store in Edinburgh or via post. Shipping for this type of subscription (single payment) is charged for the first month only and then is included in subscription price. Plans paid for on a one-off basis cannot be refunded, but please contact us if you would like to change your subscription type (ie. change fiction to nonfiction).


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