At Golden Hare, we receive many submissions every week from authors asking us to stock samples of their work. As a result of a significantly increased number of submissions, we have introduced an online-only submissions policy. We will no longer be accepting submissions in-store.

Outlined below are the necessary steps to properly submit your work:

  1. Address an email to This is the only submissions route that we will accept, so please don’t copy in additional email addresses.
  2. Provide a brief synopsis of the work, outlining the plot/structure and any aspects that you think may be of relevance. We receive a lot of correspondence, so brief and to the point is definitely the most successful route for any submissions.
  3. If you have any high quality promotional images or clear pictures of the cover and pages of the book, we would appreciate a few of them. This helps give us an idea about print quality and aesthetics, which are crucial elements for us.

We do our best to engage with all submissions but we receive many of them. Any submissions that don’t follow the steps above will not be accepted, so please stick to them for a greater possibility of any submission becoming successful.

Good luck and thanks in advance,
The Golden Hare Team