In Conversation: Margarita García Robayo

Come and join acclaimed Colombian author in a rare visit to Scotland as she discusses Fish Soup, a dazzling book translated by Charlotte Coombe and published by Edinburgh-based Latin American champions Charco Press


Earlier this year we were lucky enough to host a book launch for Margarita Garcia Robayo’s Fish Soup with translator Charlotte Coombe, and now we are delighted to present the author herself. Fish Soup has been one of our favourite works of fiction this year. A collection of two novellas, Waiting for a Hurricane and Sexual Education, the book also contains award-winning short story collection Worse Things.

Robayo’s fiction is dark, fresh and cynical; she explores the role of women and sexuality. Some of her vivid prose will make you laugh aloud and the rest just might break your heart. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this bright voice in Latin American fiction talk about her work in person in this rare trip to Edinburgh. We are always delighted to welcome Charco Press back to Golden Hare Books – you won’t regret joining us!


Margarita García Robayo (Cartagena, Colombia, 1980) is the author of three novels, a book of autobiographical essays and several collections of short stories, including Worse Things, which obtained the prestigious Casa de las Américas Prize in 2014. Her work has appeared in several anthologies such as Región: cuento político latinoamericano (Political Latin American Short Stories, 2011) and Childless Parents (2014). In 2013, she was awarded a Literary Creation Grant from the Han Nefkens Foundation and the Pompeu Fabra University. Her books have been praised in Latin America as well as in Spain, and have been translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew and Chinese. Fish Soup is her first book to appear in English.

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Readers’ Salon Recommendations from October

Exposing our minds to new high quality literature is one of our favourite things at Golden Hare, and nothing does that in a more compelling way than our Readers’ Salon. This is an open evening where we encourage people to come along and share what is moving their souls, stimulating their brains or stirring their passions (in a literary sense, naturally!). All the choices on this list were contributed by our fantastic and supportive Readers’ Salon attendees.

The large number of excellent recommendations from those who attended the salon really impressed us this week, so we’ve compiled a list from what was an absolutely heaving and fun-filled Readers’ Salon! We’d heartily recommend diving into any of our readers’ recommendations below.

Make sure that you come along to next month’s Readers Salon on Monday 5th November for more friendly book talk and excellent recommendations!


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Literature to Empower Yourself #1

“What is the best way to empower yourself and those around you?”

In our experience, its to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. You start to understand the trials, traumas and triumphs of those you emulate, which often leads to greater empathy and solidarity.

But we can’t literally walk a mile in everyone’s shoes or we’d have a collection of footwear that would even make Imelda Marcos blush!

So how do we empower ourselves through understanding others? Unsurprisingly for a book shop, we have a suggestion in mind: read! Continue reading Literature to Empower Yourself #1

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Charco Press & the Art of Translation

Translating fiction can be extraordinarily difficult. So how do you find a publisher that guarantees high quality translations with every book?

We’ve all had that experience of reading a book that was apparently wonderful in the original French which then turns out to be disjointed, stilted and sometimes plain weird in the translation!

Translating fiction from other languages while retaining the spirit of the original is one of the toughest challenges out there for a publishing company. Many try but few succeed as consistently as our featured publisher: Charco Press.

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