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Michelle Tea at Golden Hare – Thursday 3rd October

Writer and activist Michelle Tea will be joining us on Thursday evening to discuss her new book Against Memoir. For those of you that don’t know her, American-born Michelle Tea is an exceptional voice of equality and LGBTQ rights, of feminism and all things inspiring. In Against Memoir, she takes us through several stories that reflect upon her life and experiences as a woman in a world that does not always look kindly on those that are different or outspoken. 

The book is split into three sections — Art & Music, Love & Queerness, and Writing & Life. In them you will read her thoughts on Warhol and Purple Rain, you will be instructed on How Not To Be A Queer Douche Bag, and you will be shown what it is like to talk to friends about sobriety.  Tea conveys both passion and thoughtfulness in every sentence, indeed in every cleverly crafted segment of this compelling book. She impresses with wit and a distinctly opinionated view of the world, which may at times challenge how you yourself see it. 

Join us on Thursday, 3rd October at 6.30pm for an evening with Michelle Tea in conversation with Heather Parry, in what is sure to be another exceptional evening here at Golden Hare Books.