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The Reading Habit: Reading Makes You A Better Chef

I’m obsessed with selecting the right book for the right moment.

I let go of switching between fiction and non-fiction.

I let go of limiting my rereads.

I let go of annual reading goals.

(Decembers in particular held no reading joy as I scrambled for the quickest reads).

There was a time when I believed I needed to get through my TBR pile before letting myself add new books. Why buy more when there are already so many on standby?

To keep reading for pleasure pleasurable – one must continue to read. And to continue to read, one must continue to discover new books.

Julie invited me to test out LitFix, Golden Hare’s new bespoke service. LitFix pairs readers with personalised reading recommendations over tea and cake.

The magic of LitFix is that I got what I needed, not what I thought I wanted.

What’s on my mind right now is cooking – and how I am bad at it.

An off-hand comment about this led Julie to recommend Samin Nosrat’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. This tome is surprisingly beginner-friendly, covering cooking fundamentals in a logical, story-told way.

There’s no way I would have discovered it on my own. I avoid cookery sections like I avoid cooking. Who’d have guessed I would tear through it? (Julie did…)

So whether you’re booked into LitFix, or browsing the shop, don’t be afraid to chat with the booksellers. There might be a book waiting for you that will solve even your least bookish of problems.


Xandra Robinson-Burns is a personal development author and founder of She is learning to cook.