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The Reading Habit: The Best Books for Bedtime Reading

I can’t read personal development books before bed.

I get too excited to implement their ideas, so they keep me up at night.

As Golden Hare’s Blogger in Residence, I’ve taken up a monthly challenge in becoming acquainted with myself as A Reader. February’s focus was to identify what types of books are best for me to read at what time of day.

I used to be a staunch believer of reading only one book at a time, but lately I’ve had two on the go – one in the morning, and one at night.  

In the morning, seek books worth waking up for.

This is my favourite time slot for the page turners in my pile. Mine tend to be business, lifestyle, and personal growth books. Reading them gets me excited to take action on their suggestions. Besides, it seems sensible to read fashion books just before getting dressed.

Like a nutritious breakfast, books packed with positive energy set the inspirational tone for the day.

Or, Start the Day in Another World

Another way to start the morning is to read fiction. When my mind is empty, there’s something special about waking up in the world of another, and letting that world drift through my day as I explore my own.

Brainy Books for Bedtime

At night, there’s a delicate balance between reading something that is enjoyable enough to get into when I’m tired, but challenging enough to lull me off to sleep.

Ever since Julie introduced me to reading cookbooks for fun during my LitFix appointment, I’ve found that they slot nicely into this evening session. Wrapping my head around Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat tires out my mind, and as I sleep, the lessons organise themselves into my memory.

I also wind down through the puzzle of poetry, or any other text that makes me think.

What do you read before bed? Let us know on Instagram.

Xandra Robinson-Burns is a personal development author and founder of She is spending a year getting to know herself as a reader.

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