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'I am sick of the future. Up to here with the future. I don't want anything to do with it; don't want it near me.' This is a story about now. It's a story about a woman, and the family she has made for herself. It's about the dramas unfolding on our screens and behind the curtains of our homes in a world more turbulent than any of us could have imagined. But it's also about before. And what comes next. It's about the flames that have burned for centuries beneath the cracks that are opening now. About the Ancient Greeks, who sacrificed and bargained with their Gods; about prophets and oracles, tarot cards and tea leaves, and how time and certainty and, sometimes, those we love can slip away. It's about the questions we have always asked as we scroll and click and rage against our fates - and the answers that are coming for us whether we like them or not.