Solid Ivory

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In 'Solid Ivory,' Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Ivory, a partner in the legendary Merchant Ivory Productions and director of 'A Room with a View', 'Howards End', 'Maurice', and 'The Remains of the Day', tells stories from the remarkable life and career of one of the most influential directors of his time into a carefully crafted mosaic of memories, portraits, and reflections. At times, they touch on his love affairs as he looks back coolly, and with unexpected frankness. From first meeting his long-time collaborator and life partner Ismail Merchant at the Indian Consulate in New York to winning an Academy Award at 89 for 'Call Me By Your Name' Ivory writes with invariable fluency, wit and perception about what made him who he is and how he made the movies for which he is known and loved. 'Solid Ivory' is an utterly winning portrait of an extraordinary life told by an unmatched storyteller.