The Quickening

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In a time of deep political unrest, a new isolationist Britain is emerging. Under the leadership of charismatic Prime Minister Dana Mayer, a one-party government is slowly taking control of everything - creating a regime which seems, at first, idyllic. Government-worker Art Alden has been infatuated with Dana since they were both at university, and has championed her rise to power. But Art soon begins to realise that there is something terribly, frighteningly wrong with the new world. Until now, his unrequited love for Dana has prevented him from taking a stand - but when men begin disappearing all over the country, Art is drawn into The Strife, a terrorist group. The time has come to act. But Dana's regime is listening, and the price for disloyalty - both to one's country, and to those we love - may be higher than Art could ever have imagined.