The Stories Grandma Forgot (And How I Found Them)

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'Grandma Farida has Alzheimer's - but I'm going to help her remember a huge secret'. Twelve-year-old Nyla's dad died when she was four, or that's what she's been told. So when Grandma Farida insists she saw him in the local supermarket, Nyla wonders if Grandma is simply 'time travelling' again - the phrase she uses when Grandma forgets. But Grandma is Nyla's best friend and when she asks Nyla to find her dad and bring him home, she decides to make a brand new promise to her Grandma - to find him. As Nyla turns detective and sets out on a journey through her family's past to try and find the truth, she also hopes that uncovering important stories will help her understand who she is, and where she fits in the world.