If in Doubt, Wash Your Hair

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'When asked what my best piece of advice is, I nearly always reply with: 'if in doubt, wash your hair.' On the one hand it's flippant, even trivial. It's just a reminder that it is always worth taking the time to do the little things that lift your mood.' Anya Hindmarch - mother of five and the entrepreneur behind one of Britain's most creative brands - admits that it can be a struggle. Sometimes she has pulled it off, sometimes not. In this book, she shares - openly, honestly, humbly: as a friend to a friend, as a mother to a daughter - what she has learnt, what she worries about, and the best pieces of advice she has gathered on the way. Wise, self-deprecating but above all kind, this thoughtful and uplifting book shows a vulnerable side to a woman who appears to be successfully juggling it all.