Cult Classic

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Lola - a die-hard New Yorker with the ex-boyfriends, late nights, cigarette-habit and sharp wit to prove it - is out to dinner with old colleagues in Chinatown; people she's grown apart from, but with whom she shares an unshakeable connection. While reminiscing about the past, Lola runs into an ex-boyfriend. They get a late night drink and she returns home to her fiancé, a man she knows should be the perfect choice. But is he? The next day, near the same place, Lola runs into another ex. And another. Something strange is happening. Lola has become the experimental mark of a hipster cult, headed up by her enigmatic former boss and headquartered in an abandoned synagogue. They are using their collective meditative energy (along with social media and the power of intention) to reorder her experience of the world - which just might be the push she needs to understand her past and get on with her future.