The Woman from Uruguay

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Lucas Pereyra, an unemployed writer in his 40s, embarks on a day trip from Buenos Aires to Montevideo to pick up $15,000 in cash. An advance due to him on his upcoming novel, the small fortune might mean the solution to his problems, most importantly the unbearable tension he has with his wife. While she spends her days at work and her nights out on the town - with a lover, perhaps, he doesn't know for sure - Lucas is stuck at home all day staring at the blank page, caring for his son Maiko and fantasizing about the one thing that keeps him going: the Uruguayan woman he met at a conference several months back and who he is longing to see on his day trip to Montevideo. The surprising, moving story of this incredibly impactful day in Lucas' life, 'The Woman from Uruguay' is both a gripping narrative and tender, thought-provoking exploration of the nature of relationships.