The curious cocktail cabinet

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Step inside the curious world of Hendrick's Gin and perfect the peculiar alchemy of cocktail making. Distilled in a gloriously inefficient way, Hendrick's is world renowned for its signature infusion of rose and cucumber. Since opening its very own Gin Palace on the south west coast of Scotland in 2018, Hendrick's has innovated a whole range of new gins, each with their own fresh flavour. Now readers can not only perfect the Classic Hendrick's Gin & Tonic, but explore a unique variety of unusual flavours and surprising serves. Join Global Ambassador and juniper aficionado Ally Martin as he explores the 11 key botanicals used to make Hendrick's and crafts the perfect cocktails to celebrate each flavour. Expect elevated versions of old favourites - from martinis and gimlets to negronis - as well as more complex cocktails to delight novices and experts alike.