Kiki Man Ray

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A dazzling portrait of a forgotten icon and her complicated journey to power, romance, and ruin. Though many have never heard her name, Alice Prin - Kiki de Montparnasse - was the icon of 1920s Paris. She captivated as a ground-breaking nightclub performer, wrote a bestselling memoir, sold out exhibitions of her paintings, and shared drinks with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Peggy Guggenheim, Marcel Duchamp and Gertrude Stein. She also shepherded along the career of the then-unknown photographer, Man Ray. Following Kiki in the years between 1921 and 1929, when she lived and worked with Many Ray, 'Kiki Man Ray' charts their decade-long entanglement and reveals how Man Ray - always the unabashed careerist - went on to become one of the most famous photographers of the 20th century, enjoying wealth and fame, while Kiki's legacy was lost.