This Is Gonna End in Tears

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Growing up, it was always the three of them: Miller & Olly & Ash. They stuck together, like they were keeping a secret. They needed each other. As teenagers, they drove to LA, lived in a in Malibu, set up a record label. They were successful, best friends & Olly & Miller fell in love. Before it fell apart, it was beautiful. Then Olly stopped looking at Miller the way he used to. Miller spent a night with Ash, which turned into a marriage. Miller & Ash came back to Wonderland, the tidal island of sugary painted houses they'd run away from. Now Miller's 40 & she feels like she's disappearing. Ash is having an affair & Olly's career is over. Olly doesn't want to think about what he was going to owe, what any of them owed, to each other. But after everything that has happened, Wonderland is the only place it makes sense for him to go.