Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome Dog Training for Kids

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Small dog, big dogs, smelly dogs, goofy dogs, sloppy dogs, silly dogs. What's the best kind of dog? That's the one with you of course! My name is Steve Mann and I have one of the coolest jobs. As a dog trainer I get to work with dogs every single day! Now I want to teach you how to be an awesome dog trainer. You'll get to learn some fun tricks, from teaching your dog to spin, showing them how to give you a high five to even instructing them to make their own bed! (Ok, I know the last one is a bit boring, but it will impress your parents and you won't have to make your dog's bed!) I've covered all the essential exercises including sit, down and recall (imagine being able to call your dog to come back to you whenever you want!) and explained key lessons such as how to read body language and how to set good behaviours.