The Winter Guest

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January 1921. Though The Great War has been over for two years, many of the survivors are still struggling to pick up their lives again when so much has been lost. In Ireland, another war has started and the killing and terror continues. When an IRA ambush outside the grand Kilcolgan house goes terribly wrong, and a young woman - Maud Prendeville, eldest daughter of Lord Kilcolgan and a hero of the 1916 Rising - is killed, Captain Tom Harkin, an IRA intelligence officer and Maud's former fianc, is sent to investigate what happened. When Harkin reaches the house it becomes clear that this is not the imposing residence it once was. Half empty and filled with ghosts - both real and imagined - the noble family within co-exist only as the balance of their secrets is kept. Working undercover, Harkin must delve into these secrets - and discover where each family member's allegiances truly lie.