Daylight Come

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It is 2084. The young adolescent, Sorrel, has been born into a world where the ocean has already consumed the shoreline and drowned the coastal towns on the island of Bajacu. While wealthy northern nations have retreated behind their borders, hyper-hurricanes have become normal for Bajacunis. The young blame their elders for stealing their future and leaving them with a world so hot and incandescent by day, bodies caught in daylight are shrivelled immediately by the sun. In a world of rising sea levels and retreating islanders, where drinking water has become something to kill for, the rich and privileged Ã? Toplanders' have retreated behind heavily guarded fortresses in the mountains. Lowlanders like Sorrel sleep during the day and live at night, but violence-trained males (Domins) and once-domesticated animals (Ferals) stalk the darkness and prey on humans.