What Maisie Didn't Know

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Maisie is 31 and weighs 33 stone - that's 2 stone lighter than when she had to be winched from her window by crane, in a bariatric rescue. An irrepressible force of nature, Maisie is upbeat, funny and self-deprecating. Now after 2 months in Brighton General Hospital she's being discharged, on a new diet and once again able to walk short distances with the aid of a stick. Maisie's landlady has used her hospital stay as the excuse to evict her. Fortunately though, after several weeks of every official body dodging responsibility, her 'social wonder' has found her a new flat. It's in a shabby house conversion near the seafront. As well as the partial sea view, Maisie is excited about finally having neighbours. She hopes it will be like the TV show 'Friends'.