Body Kintsugi

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with liquid gold, to highlight and celebrate an object's past. In this powerful and personal novella, Senka Maric uses the concept of kintsugi to interrogate ideas of illness, survival and recovery. Two months after her husband packs his bags and leaves, the narrator finds a lump. It's a discovery she's been dreading ever since her mother's breast cancer diagnosis 16 years earlier, and one that will change her body forever. Through diagnosis, chemo and surgery, she returns to those moments of her girlhood when she learnt to be ashamed of her sexuality and estranged from her body - the same body that now threatens to fall apart during her illness. Laced with a drive for life, sensuality and pleasure, 'Body Kintsugi' is an intimate and optimistic book about a woman's relationship with her body as it breaks and is put back together.