Small Rivers

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December 2016, and Toby and Angelica are going back to their father's farm for Christmas. Now that they live in London and Berlin respectively - eschewing the family trade in favour of more creative pursuits - this return to the pastoral also feels like a return to the parochial. Their father is at the end of the worst year of his life. His wife, Marie died suddenly in a tragic accident. Struggling in every way, and in desperate need of help with work, he hired Damien, who moved in to the other property on the farm. But after Damien stole and lied, Frank had to fire him. In his place, Frank hired Jerzy, a Polish worker, who now lives on the farm with his heavily pregnant wife, Irena. Damien convinces himself that his home and job have been stolen from him by migrant workers, Frank is cautious of Jerzy after a few things seem amiss on the farm, and Toby and Angelica are quick to assume they know best.