Who Killed the King? Volume One Who Were the Regicides

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Drawn largely from primary sources, more than 2000 of them discovered by the author in 53 separate archives, the true story behind the trial and execution of King Charles I emerges in greater detail than ever before. The central question is: who were the men who tried the King and signed his Death Warrant, who are known as the 'regicides'? For the first time it is possible to know who they really were, what were their backgrounds, their families, their early careers, their political and religious beliefs, and above all, their extensive relationships with one another. Eleven of them were barristers, one was a judge, some were colonels of army regiments, most were MPs. The majority of them could call one another 'cousin'. In a sense, this was a family affair, an intensely traditional reaction against the tyranny of an upstart intruder, to show him they were not his subjects but his superiors.