The Witch's Survival Guide

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The modern world has pushed many of us to breaking point. Our bodies and minds were not designed for constant notifications, emails, meetings and commuting. We were meant for a very different life - one that connects us with swaying trees, wild creatures, and the rush of the elements across our skin. We were meant to see the magick of being at one with nature. In the short period that technology has revolutionised the world, our bodies have not been able to keep up with the new fast-paced lifestyles forced upon us, leaving many people burnt out, frantic and feeling out of control. We are currently during a stress pandemic. But what if we were to return to and reconnect with the green and natural lives our ancestors would have lived? What if we could tap into the deep magick that resides in the plants, trees and ancient places of this world? What if we could use magick to heal?