Unknown Language: A Science Fiction

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In the twelfth century since the appearance of the prophet Jesus Christ on the now-evacuated planet Earth, Hildegard of Bingen discovers grace in the moral and spiritual ruins of her medieval world. She inscribes her visions into Scivias, an indescribably beautiful codex of writing and illuminations, thought to be lost during the collapse of the Information Age. On the planet Avaaz, in a sea cave with cracked amethyst walls, Pinky Agarwalia discovers fragments of this beguiling text: a mystic toolkit including a cosmology, medicine, a morphology of crystals and recipes for survival - in strange, illegible symbols. How to decipher this unknown language? As Pinky traces the diagrams with her finger, a vision appears revealing that water - a guarded substance - is the alchemical agent: in water, the mysterious script transforms into feeling and light. Unlocking the secrets of viriditas, Hildegard's mythic quantum energy threaded