Christian Berard

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Painter, illustrator, decorator, and tastemaker Christian Bérard (1902-1949) was a central figure in the creative heart of Paris when art and fashion in the city mingled at their apex. He was a multidisciplinary artist whose talents can't be associated with a single school or style; his work sheds irreducible light onto his era, which continues to captivate today. Berard painted ethereal figures and sublimated his high fashion illustrations with a sharp and witty hand. He lived passionately and sought out enchantment in all forms - from high society to city life, fashion to theater, and stage set design to interiors. This book, illustrated primarily with works from private collections, celebrates Bérard's vision - oscillating between seriousness and light, melancholy and joie de vivre, nostalgia and revival - that forever inspires collectors and aesthetes.