The Peacock

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Take a dilapidated castle in the Scottish Highlands; add a peacock gone rogue, a group of bankers on a teambuilding trip, an overwhelmed psychologist, a housekeeper with a broken arm, and an ingenious cook; get Lord and Lady McIntosh to try and keep it all together; and top it off with all sorts of animals - soon no one will know exactly what's going on. Selling 500,000 copies, Isabel Bogdan's book is a big hitter in Germany - and now it's coming home to roost. Maria-Christina Piwowarski, ocelot bookshop Berlin: "How often do customers ask me for a lovely cheerful novel, but one that's intelligent and witty? And my answer is always, always The Peacock. I tell them what the book's about, mention the beautiful descriptions of the Highlands and the quirky but affectionate depictions of the gang of investment bankers finding themselves at Lord and Lady McIntosh's stately home - and a lot of my customers say they'd rather read the English